Friday, July 20, 2007

Let’s Talk about Sex

Apart from discursion on money and how to make or spend it, the next topic in the line is sex. The talk about sex especially for the young at heart is borne out of curiosity; either to know the why of male and female physiology or to providing answers to our body’s stimulus when the changes are traceable to the presence of or contact with the opposite sex. This new turn of mind is a part of the natural process of the human growth.

Sex is far from everything the definition of love is meant to be. To say that it is a way of showing love between two consented adult of opposite sexes would be right. Yet in both the physical and spiritual realms, sexual intercourse between sexes has a much stronger appeal and power than one can imagine. Nations and society have laws specifying who is an adult and under what condition a sexual act can be accepted as legal to curtail pre-marital sex. This notwithstanding does not remove sex from being a spontaneous response to sexual appeals or thoughts. This is obvious in the ever increasing number of premarital sex and which is further noised by the campaign for the use of condoms.

The association of sex with love is owing to the fact that both have to do with our emotions and feelings. And depending on what are your intentions for wanting the other person. People are in the error of this association of sex with love because their intention is either wrong from the beginning or they are pushed to accept sex as love. Yes, the fear of rejection is strong enough to make one not wanting to give in to sex (either with or without condoms) except for victims of rape. Ladies seduce the man and the man entices the ladies all in a bid to outwit; and sex is usually the price. Relationship you must understand is based on knowledge than of getting down the pants. Though individual are at liberty, the warning line is to stay away from unprotected sex. And ‘unprotected’ does not only mean the act done without condom. If good morality is to be thought, it should include the act done with someone who open arms promise no lasting warmth – an unprotected relationship.

The need for a productive talk about sex between two marriage-intended opposite sexes is welcome. With a whole bouquet of STIs swarming around, informed knowledge about partners past sexual life as well as future fantasies must not be a secret. A man or woman who will not accept your fears or belief and see reasons with you for not having sex with or without condom is not worth having. Let’s just say a few minutes of pleasure are not worth throwing your life away to experience, you know. It is the same one encounter it takes to get pleasure that is need for the virus to overtake its victims. Youths are most sexually active and so formed the majority percentage of the victims. One major way of getting a long lasting relationship is through communication. People are generally comfortable to talk about everything else, likes, and dislikes, favorite food and music. The talk about sex too should flow just as you are talking to him or her about other issues at the beginning of the relationship. Both ladies and gentlemen get embarrassed bringing up sex issue. Yet no matter how hard it may look, as long as the two of you are looking forward to sharing vibrant sexual life after wedding, you should talk about it. Even in simple male/female relationship, the line needs to be drawn.

Then there is the brilliant issue of testing to know your partner’s status. Nothing is as satisfying as knowing that your partner is free, or if he/she is negative, is making effort of staying that way. A good sex education as part of the pre-marriage planning helps couples to derive maximum dividends than when they are ignorant of each other’s or their status. As a lady, you have a responsibility to take charge of your life, because if you give the wrong man a ride, he may as well always want to drive. Men naturally are moved by what they see; some of them use the thing ‘down below’ to think rather than with their head. So when everything is still sweet, when he calls every seconds, sends recharge cards and takes you out, that is the right time for a good girl to make the ground rules and not when you are on his bed. That’s a point of no return.

In conclusion, I would want to say, it is the way you handle your things people around you would too. If you turn your clothes to a rag, you will see a lot of people that will help you use it to mop the floor. If you want to be treated like a princess, ladies, you have to act like one. By the same token, if you are serious with your life, openness to discuss sex as part of the bigger discursion from the beginning of your relationship will set the right pace for how long it would last. It is all about self worth, you truly have to love yourself to do things that will keep you away from harm hurts. Finally, abstinence is the best bet. Did I hear a yes?

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