Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For The Love Of MY Country

Heavens knows, I was never a party to the decision to be born a Nigerian. And sincerely, if the choice were to be made given all the expereinces that my few years had saw, wishing to be born elsewhere would have been the cheap choice. But not now. I have come too far to let go of my Nigeria. GreenWhiteGreen colour my thoughts and am stucked.

About some years ago, i watch everything almost crumbling down. It was as if...men, there is no hope for the future. But today....i sight with relief. So when i turn chances to ditch like all my pals, when i refuse to alter my age, and refuse to believe what is here in not enough to make me a functional human being in this world....it is now that i realise the depth of my love for my country. And that Cuban film.....'For Love Or Country' came to mind. Not that i am throwing stone against my folk who is elsewhere in the world. No. This is my own personal allegiance for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Since i dont have any outside experience to fall back on, what i have about Nigeria is rich enough to keep me loving her without cohesion from any uniformed authority figure. It is here; all my education, my relationships, my adventure, my dream of a better life...God knows i've never so wish for a better country than Nigeria....except for the Heavenly. Even when i got so offended by the system, my fight had been civil, exploring the best peaceful means to say my views. And even though it my Nigerian Dreams is yet to manifest....I know it will manisfest.

With faith in Christ Jesus, I know that my dreams and vissions of a better Nigeria will become real in my own lifetime. It must become real.

I love this nation.

For real!

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