Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Faith To Doubt

Faith is believing; an assurance that you already have what you hope or is seeking right there in your hand. Yet sometimes, its like to get the better part of life, in the process of discontenting with the present or that which is not pleasing...we aactually exercise another form of faith.
I have been trying to think about it, it is actually imposible to move ahead except you doubt where you are. As the saying goes, a man who does not care about where he is canno tbe lost. If that is true, then it is ubtil you began exercise a kind of doubt...disbelieving the system, the persons, the process and so on before the better part of life is unfold. This is what i called the faith to doubt.
You live in world of uncertainty. The only sure hope is in God. And so, being human and subjected to all the influence of the elements and forces, one cannot but doubt if the daily experiences are really. Have you ever imagine the number of people dying daily. Though you may console that we are having more coming into the world. The question is the one that had been asked, what is here for them? With all the failed security measure that all human ingenuity have put in place oover the ages, it is baffling that we are yet to achieve close to anything called safety. Even the world most powerful nations and economy are not spared. The conclusion had been drawn long ago. Life is short and brutish. So doubting relief the tension of been disappointed when our believing in people, the system and all there are here failed.
Since we exercise doubt almost in proportion to having faith, it means that it is a gift. For no man can believe and have faith without first having doubt. Just as we use darkness to measure the intensity of light. Doubting is the yardstick use to measure the depth of a man's faith. For an example, it wasn't easy for me getting around driving. And even though i try harder to learn on my own so as to tell the tale of the conquest. One bitter example and am in company of a pal asking questions about what i dont know. That is it! You actually dont know everything. The need for education arouse on the doubt that our innate instinctual sense of knowing sometimes is not enough. With experiences, we are better able to cope with the doubt about this inadequacies.
Talking about the faith to doubt is because i have come to the point in my own experience where i am now persuaded that everything a man have is .....given. You dont have anything that is not given you. Haven't you heard people talked about their past- no matter how bad or good it is - as something needful for the future. If they had not been given the gift to doubt if there is an alternative to that episode, they probably would nothave stepped-out, and stepped into the light of their present realities. The faith to doubt is not because doubting is good. It is for you to drwn the comparison and learn the good tender education of the soul.
I thank God that sometimes He makes me doubt only to believe and have faith the more both in Him, in people as well as in the providence given to me.

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