Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guilder Ultimate Search 4 - the concept


It is said, O Chivalrous One, that in the century before the last, there existed a place at nearly equal distance from the four corners of the earth. A place of stunning beauty where things where as theyshould be. The crops brought a rich harvest, the cattle grazed fat and the people worked and made merry. But all this was to change. For there came a season when the rains would not fall, the rivers dried up,the earth became parched, the crops withered and the animals died. It was as though mother nature herself had turned against the people. Every night they would gather around fires talking, praying and imploring for a change, but none came.

Then one dark and stormy night, a stranger came into the town. The man was tall, old and wizened. His eyes glowed with undeniable wisdom. And when he dismounted from his snow-white steed, he seemed to glide over the very ground itself.These simple people, unaccustomed to visitors were naturally afraid, but somehow they sensed that this stranger meant them no harm. Silently, the man made his way into the midst of their gathering, seated himself and asked for a drink. After he had quenched his thirst, he then began to tell a tale that held them spellbound.

His voice rumbled with a strength that seemed far beyond the frail figure that sat before them. This is the tale he told: “Know ye, hapless ones, that the troubles that ail youare of a cause far beyond your ken. The very workings of nature itself are upheaved. As ye well know, theGolden Age and The Darkness are locked in an eternalcosmic balance. The Golden Age is like the morning dawn with all its life-giving energies.

The Darkness is like the pitch black night that brings the life-subduing influence of the shadows. From the dawn of time, this eternal pairing between The Golden Dawn and The Darkness has maintained the intricate balance of life’s natural forces: health and sickness, love and hate, discord and harmony, indeed, life and death. But a freak occurence has altered that balance. There has been some kind of rift tearing the time-space continuum. Who knows why these things happen? The result is that the Golden Dawn has beenleft trapped and shackled in another realm. The Darkness now reigns unchecked.

To restore your lives to what it once was, you must free the Golden Dawn and bring back the Golden Age.Only the the best among you may attempt this, and only the best of the best may succeed.” As suddenly as he had begun speaking, the old man went silent. He gulped down the last dregs of his drink and before even a single question could be asked him, hemounted his steed and rode off into the night fron whence he came. But he had dropped something for the dumbfounded villagers, for as he mounted his horse, a strange-shaped symbol had dropped from his heavy cloak. It was the only clue they had to lead them in their Quest for the Golden Age.

And so begins another epic adventure: THE GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH 4.

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